lunes, mayo 14, 2018

Did I Miss The Boat? Have I Been Asleep For 100 Years?

I have been doing all I can to get a part-time job. I feel like Rip Van Winkle, though.  It seems that in the years between getting married and now, the whole world has changed.  Everything-and I mean EVERYthing-is on the internet.  The school district here doesn't even accept any hard copies of anything.  Training classes are on the internet.  A bad connection or an old computer could put me out of the running.  It is either a sign that I just shouldn't get a job, or a sign that I should have been born 50 years ago if I really think just knowing something and being nice a trustworthy can get me a job.

jueves, abril 19, 2018

A Short Testimony

 I came to Christ in high school.  While attending a Catholic school, we were taught that Martin Luther and his friends were troublemakers and rabble rousers.  (Which they were, in the eyes of the Roman Catholic church.)  However, I agreed with Luther that even the commoners in the villages should be able to read the Bible for themselves and come to their own conclusions, and not be limited by what the Roman church would teach them.  That is when I started my own serious study of the Bible and joined a Bible-teaching church, and started meeting regularly with other students of the Bible. 

miércoles, abril 11, 2018

On The Church

You hear a lot about community today-about having a group of people of different ages and ethnicities where you love and feel loved in return.  This is a vital part of Christian life.  Community is certainly not the reason to go to church, but it sure is a great aspect of church.  Last night after having dinner with a friend who has 7 kids, I was reminded once again of what a blessing it is to be able to know and be involved in the lives of people whose lives are so different from yours.  Her large family obviously lives very differently than Mr. M and I, who have no kids.  I also have friends who have lost their husbands and are raising kids on their own. Many of my friends are single, too.   It is always so good to see that every person is different, and yet in Christ, we are all the same.

domingo, abril 08, 2018

Bribery works.

So, a good friend told me that if I wrote something on my blog, she'd read it.  (I hope she's not the only one.  I do write regularly, so I'd be thrilled if you subscribed.)  Anyway, I wrote this silly little poem this weekend.  Enjoy.

I shouldn't have done it,
not even once;
but did it I did,
and I felt like a dunce.

I must admit,
it felt quite nice;
it felt so good,
I did it twice.

Just what I did,
I'll leave a mystery.
It doesn't matter now,
it's just old history.

martes, abril 03, 2018

Notes from the Unknown

Anyone familiar with Christian music from the 80s and 90s is familiar with The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman.  The chorus says, "Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown."  That's where I am now, and where I have been for the past few months . . . in God's glorious unknown.  Yes, it's frustrating and makes me restless, but I don't want to make any hasty decisions that I'll regret later, so I'm praying for patience and sitting on my hands, waiting for Him to show me what He wants me to do with my time.

sábado, marzo 31, 2018


This season of my life has forced me to take a good look at my priorities.  There are job opportunities that sound fun and exciting, but taking those jobs would force me to sacrifice some important area of my life, or time with Mr. M, or would force me to abandon other commitments I've made, and I'm unwilling to do that.  So in the meantime, I just keep doing the next right thing, and trusting God with future plans.

martes, marzo 13, 2018

Creating a New Wardrobe

I can liken my activities to clothing.  Using this analogy, I've been going through my clothes, tossing some completely, buying some new clothes that I never before thought I'd like, and buying some new clothes that are very similar to old ones, just a different cut or color.  I've already done a lot of tossing, getting rid of old clothes to make room for new ones.  Right now, I'm in the slow process of trying on new clothes to see if they fit and see if I want to keep them.  I've started helping a friend homeschool her kids, and that is a good fit for me, a new outfit I want to keep.  Also new is being a language arts tutor.  That is another outfit I want to keep, and even try to find more just like it.  This is a slow and prayerful process, deciding how to best spend my time and use my gifts to help others.  The ultimate goal is to be used by God to further His kingdom work.