domingo, mayo 22, 2011

Later that evening . . .

I don't know if it was the iced tea at dinner, or the chocolate In-n-Out shake mixed with coffee, or the hot chocolate spiked with coffee from breakfast, but my mind is racing and I fear that my thoughts will wake me up in the night if I don't let them escape my brain. First, I have been thinking about the subject of my previous entry, and of the great friends who commented on it. Then, I thought back on camp, and how Mr. M. and I spent a good while talking to one of the students who had gotten baptized, and to her parents who drove 6 hours to witness this important moment in her life. I thought about a young girl who was baptized last year at camp, and how excited Mr. M was. He would make an excellent father. He is a wonderful husband to me, and his love for these kids makes me so proud. I am also proud of him and thankful that he printed out a picture of my dear friend Jen, whose words grace my previous post, for me. And now as I will soon lay on my pillow, it will be with thoughts of God running through my mind. Specifically, the thought that He loves me and cares for me like my dad (only more), yet He is eternal and as strong and powerful today as He was when He parted the Red Sea so long ago. Sweet dreams.

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