miércoles, enero 04, 2012

Can a Leopard Change His Spots?

After reading a book about a man crossing the Sahara and describing life in the villages of Africa, I am now reading the autobiography of a woman who moved to an African village with her family, to start a hospital. A Family Living Under the Sahara Sun is the name of the book. If you were to see me on the street and ask, "What's new?", I would surely mention whatever book I was reading at the time. My reading directs my thoughts. Since I write about whatever is on my mind, my writing can most likely be traced back to my reading.
At the raging New Year's Eve party I went to, I took a break from dancing for a few minutes to think about the African women who veil their faces and scurry to hide from any man who comes in sight. I thought how oppressive that would feel to me. But from their perspective, I'm sure they would consider me oppressed, going to a party where there were men and being expected to talk and socialize with them.
That is just one example of how my blog reflects my thoughts, and my thoughts reflect my reading.

I saw an ad yesterday about a non-profit organization that teaches young ladies to express themselves by writing. I thought I'd like to do that, but then I had second thoughts. I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't know that writing can be taught. It seems like trying to teach a non-writer to write would be like trying to teach an outgoing, gregarious, life-of-the-party type person to be shy. To me, writing is like a freckled face; either you have it, or you don't.

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Teri dijo...

I LOVED the book Wordsmithy, by Wilson. Best book I've read all year. ; ) You must! It's so funny, so wise, so good. You will love it too.

The White Wave dijo...

Promise? You've never let me down before, so I will order it in faith--but you should know this is going to cost me a trip to Starbucks!

The White Wave dijo...

The book's out of print, and none are available. Sad, but now I get to go to Starbucks. (I'd rather stay home and read about writing. Is that lame? I don't care. I'm old enough to be lame if I want to.)