martes, enero 10, 2012

Passion at a Price

I just bought a copy of The Great Typo Hunt by Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson. I just walked right into the store and paid full price. What possibly prompted such hasty action on my part? Gretchen Rubin says in her book (which just arrived in my anxiously anticipating mailbox) that you CAN buy happiness. I don't know about that, but it is wise and prudent-and fun!-to spend a few extra bucks here and there-and it feels good when the purchase is planned or otherwise purposeful. I see buying this book for the MSRP as fully justified because it is a tale encompassing four passions of mine: road trips, grammar, humor, and friendship. (Having already read 8 chapters of the book, it has so many other positive qualities. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like it.) It is interesting, too, to indulge my passion for grammar, and to consider the lack of it one of the most devastating and heartbreaking ills that plagues our society today, and to compare that concern with the abject poverty in Africa, something I'm also reading about. The poverty problem is far too big for me to handle . . . but I can control the grammar usage here on my "little plot of textual earth."

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