sábado, febrero 11, 2012

A Political Soapbox

I hate to do it, but I just have to. I have to say something about politics. Mr. M and I watch a show about a man who is the supervisor of many low-rent apartments in Nebraska. So far, 100% of the tenants are on one form of government aid or another. The vast majority use illegal drugs. Basically, the government is buying drugs for these people, creating medical problems that the taxpayers will then have to pay for. I hear any mention of accountability is certain to incite the wrath of many, but I am totally for it. Having to send in receipts for rent, utilities, food and other necessities is a good idea. It would be good for the government to know what they are paying for. This would discourage those who want to buy drugs from doing so, and it would be a help to the honest people on welfare who are actually working towards being able to live independently.

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