miércoles, marzo 21, 2012

What to Write When You Don't Know What to Write?

I guess I'll start with yesterday. I spent most of the morning in my PJs, just feeling rather unmotivated. I shared my lack of motivation with a friend, and she suggested we have lunch together. Perfect! A reason to get dressed! I met my friend at a nice outdoor cafe. We had some friendly, intellectual chit-chat, and then we walked across the street to a bookstore. We found the magazines, and were each leafing through one as we continued our chit-chat. The second story of the bookstore was being renovated, so it sounded like there was thunder in the ceiling, and it felt like there was a continuous earthquake the entire time we were there. Despite the whole place shaking, my friend and I remained distracted by our respective magazines, and we took it a step further even, and came up with a plan to bring our blogging friends together for mutual support and encouragement. Everyone needs a friend like that-one who not only inspires, supports and encourages you, but helps you do the same for others. Check out my friend's blog at http://cestlavienomade.blogspot.com/

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Debbie Crawford dijo...

Looking forward to getting to know everyone in Blahgirls. Thanks for including me. Yes, we all need that friend that inspires and encourages us!

The White Wave dijo...

It's pretty exciting to see a little seedling of an idea come to fruition.