lunes, abril 09, 2012

Who Let the Dogs In?

Rufus and I have barricaded ourselves in my office. Heidi, my friend's calm terrier, is in the living room with Mr. M and Momo, a dog who is temporarily living with us. Momo is unbelievably hyper, and I've had no peace since he came. The upside of having these dogs taking over my house is that the canine hierarchy has been firmly established. Rufus knows he is the canine king here. Heidi has been here several times, and has oft gone on coffee dates with her owner and me and Rufus. She is comfortable, yet she still knows she is a guest here, and as a guest, she feels an obligation to help in some way. The help she offers is the invaluable service of entertaining Momo. Rufus, as king canine, sits regally next to me on the couch, looking on as Heidi lets Momo chase her.
When Mr. M came home, I felt like I could truly sympathize with those beleaguered mothers who would jump at the opportunity to get out of their houses and away from their charges the minute Dad comes home. "Calgon, take me away!"

2 comentarios:

Laurie dijo...

I'm smiling at the mental images you have conjured up!

The White Wave dijo...

Smile away. Do you want a dog? Neutered male, 3 years old, friendly (just not to Rufus), healthy, and he comes with a leash and treats, food, shampoo, comb, everything you need. I could be at your house in 5 minutes.