lunes, mayo 14, 2012


As alone as I feel at times, I have found that I'm far from being the only person who feels a pressure to justify my existence. I don't have a job. I don't have kids. My days are mostly spent inside, reading, writing, occasionally cleaning, and, most important to me, investing in and maintaining relationships with Mr. M, church friends (especially the collegiates we work with), family, and assorted other individuals in my life. I am somewhat limited in outdoor activity due to a neurological disease, but I can't tell you how much I enjoy an afternoon at the local Starbucks, sitting there in the sun with my little orange dog, Rufus. It is a lovely little walk to the little row of stores. (Doesn't that sound so much more quaint and pleasant than "strip mall"?)
I'm glad to have found a few blogs this morning written by women in a situation very similar to my own. This is my reply to Sara's blog, one that I was happy to find this morning: "I'm so glad you say here that your life is more than your sickness. I also have an auto immune disease that I rarely mention in my blog . . . because my life is so much more than that. I joined a support group for my disease, and found it to be really depressing. The other members seemed focused on the negative, and hopeless. I found I had a much greater support system in the friends who struggle with completely different things, like finances, rebellious kids, etc. Although their struggles were so much different than my own, they are like me, focused on the positive, with the hope of Christ continually before them."

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glenna ruth dijo...

I love Sara's perspective (and yours, of course, Jenn!). Thanks for posting.

The White Wave dijo...

Thank you.