lunes, mayo 28, 2012

Missing Monday

Mr. M and I are home from a weekend away with the college kids. We went to a nice campsite in the mountains. For many, this was the last big hurrah before graduating and going on to the next thing. We will never see some of the kids again. This is sad in a way, but then again, I am grateful to have known them and for the privilege God has given Mr. M and I of having had some impact on their eternal souls. Looking back at my own college years, some of the most impactful and life-changing words came from older and wiser folks who didn't even know they were imparting such wisdom to this young and naive college kid. Something mentioned while going to get a burger, maybe, or maybe just hearing about a relationship of theirs and seeing how they handled the conflict. We teach most when we don't know we're teaching. I must embrace the fleeting month and years I get to spend with these kids, and be aware that my life is being watched whether I want it to be or not . . . that my words and actions will be remembered, whether they are good or bad.

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Laurie dijo...

I like what you said about teaching most when we don't know we're teaching. I agree, and find it challenging as well, to be living a life of integrity.

Laurie dijo...
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The White Wave dijo...

Thanks, Laurie.