jueves, mayo 31, 2012

Thrilling Thursday, Adventures in Not Hiking

I started out with the camp guide and a group of college kids. We were headed out toward the lake. The trail soon became rocky and steep. I found myself time and again needing a hand to stay upright. I looked ahead, and the trail only got rockier and steeper. I made an executive decision to turn back. I would swallow my pride (if I didn't fall on it first!) and let the kids go to the lake without me. As I stood aside to let them pass, precariously perched on a small promontory, a girl from the group kindly offered to accompany me back. That was nice. We went straight back to camp; unfortunately, we went straight back to someone else's camp. That's OK-they were kind enough to point us in the right direction. We spent a pleasant afternoon chatting in the sun. We were soon joined by my friend's boyfriend and Mr. M. We all chatted on into the evening. Like so many things, my decision had turned out for the best, and we all had a lovely time together.

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