domingo, junio 17, 2012

A Bad Week to be a B.

I am a B by birth. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. B. I may have mentioned that I have recently had a pretty bad spill. I was walking Rufus, he unexpectedly lunged forward, and I fell on the driveway. Well, being Fathers' Day and all, I called my dad today, and he informed me that he had also fallen earlier in the week. He also told me that a sister of mine had fallen, too, and seriously. Directly after hanging up with him, I called my other sister and warned her to stay inside as much as she could, and to take extra precautions when outside. I debate if I should issue a warning to Mr. M, too, since he married into us Bs. I do want him to be careful-and he especially needs that extra carefulness today, as he is playing 3D dodgeball (dodgeball on a trampoline) with a group of college guys in celebration of an upcoming marriage-, but I also don't want to cast doubts on his agility and sow seeds of imbalance; I can only hope this falling-down week is not contagious. I hope he comes home in one piece. I hope he is too occupied taking photos to participate much in this young person's game. It sounded dangerous even before I knew about the recent falling history in my family.

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