jueves, junio 28, 2012

Remembering That Day . . . or Testimony Tuesday, on Thursday.

It gives me so much joy to remember the day when I read the truth about Jesus and it set me free. I was in 10th grade at a Catholic high school. In history class, we were learning about the Protestant Reformation. The teacher was telling us about these troublemakers going around defying the pope and the Roman Catholic church. They were trying to promote this radical idea of theirs that regular folk, and not just clergy, should be allowed to read the Bible. As I thought more about the troublemakers and their ideas, it occurred to me that I agreed with them; I didn't think the words and wisdom of the creator of the world should be kept secret. It didn't seem fair that only a privileged few should have access. That's when I started reading the Bible and started going to a church that taught the Bible. God used my rebelliousness (I liked the idea of defying the unquestioned authority) and intellectual curiosity to bring me to Himself. What did He use in your life to draw you to Him?

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The Harden Household dijo...

What an incredible testimony! I love hearing how the Lord draws each of us to Him. I learned about Christ and salvation through the preschool and Kindergarten I attended and decided to give my heart to Him. My parents didn't know Christ, but a relative had recommended them sending me to the school, and it was because of my decision that they began to seek the Lord and attend church and eventually were saved as well. I know that it was God intervening in what school I attended that changed my entire family's lives!

The White Wave dijo...

That's amazing! Thanks for sharing. When one person comes to the Lord, we never know how many lives will be transformed.

Debbie Crawford dijo...

In my life God used a friend, emptiness and being exposed to His word to bring me to salvation in Him.