sábado, junio 02, 2012

Saturday Special

Tonight, Mr. M and I will go to the fancy Senior Banquet, where the college seniors we work with will show their appreciation to the Bible Study by hosting a fancy banquet at church. Everyone will dress up, thousands of photos will be taken, songs will be sung, testimonies given, and a delicious dinner will be served. A much anticipated Saturday night. I just started a book called Saturday Night by Susan Orlean. It is a non-fiction work documenting how different people spend their Saturday nights. Reading the introduction to the book makes me anticipate what's to come. Saturday night really is special, a true cultural phenomenon. I am not at all afraid to go to lunch or dinner alone during the week, but Saturday nights are . . . different. Saturday nights are set aside for something special - a date, a rare meeting of friends, a wedding, a cruise around town, definitely something you just don't do on any regular night. Obligatory things are set aside and put off until the start of the work week. Saturday night is reserved for fun. My last few Saturday nights were spent 1. at a wedding 2. camping 3. at a bachelorette party. Saturday nights are special, there's just no denying it. How do you usually spend Saturday nights?

3 comentarios:

Laurie dijo...

Most of they year...by watching Professional Bull Riding!!!!!! Look forward to it ALL WEEK!

The White Wave dijo...

Wouldn't have guessed that one!

Wendy Paschalidis dijo...

I spend them wondering what we'll eat for dinner.