lunes, mayo 20, 2013

A Whipped Cream Eating Contest, a Shoe, and a Pony

I am so glad this weekend is over! So many weird things happened, I don't even want to think about it. First of all, both Mr. M and I overslept Sat. morning and missed the beginning of the town whipped cream-eating contest, which put us at a real disadvantage in defending our title as Mr. and Mrs. Supreme Whipped Cream Eaters, a title we have had for the past 4 years. What we lost in time, we made up for in speed, taking full advantage of the speed eating classes we took last summer. Using these techniques, we were able to continue our reign as the whipped cream king and queen. On the way home from the contest, though, the rear axle of the car broke. It couldn't withstand the strain of the added weight. We spent the afternoon just sitting by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. That was Saturday. Sunday started out normal enough, but the day unraveled when I lost my shoe (the right one) at church. The minute I realized I had lost it, I saw someone carrying it around. Naturally, I followed her. Realizing how silly I looked walking around with just one shoe, I took the other shoe (the left one) off, and I began running after the lady with my right shoe. I had forgotten all about the kids' petting zoo being at church that day, and I somehow got into the saddle of one of the ponies. The pony reared up in fright and began galloping full speed ahead, and he didn't stop until we were in the middle of the desert, completely surrounded by dirt and cactus and the occasional tumbleweed. Thankfully, Mr. M was able to follow the pony's tracks, so he came to rescue me after an hour or two of sitting on the hot desert sand. The pony had long since disappeared. We still don't know anything about my shoe, but we highly suspect that somehow, the pony and the shoe are in the same place. So, please, if you have seen a pony (white) wearing one brown, right shoe, call the police immediately. Mr. M and I went searching for the pony, but we only saw a black pony wearing two red high heels and a gold disco boot.

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Elizabeth Johnson dijo...

You are too funny!! :)

The White Wave dijo...

Thanks! It was fun to write. Writing silly stories is such a relief when you feel overwhelmed with dark and heavy thoughts.