jueves, mayo 23, 2013

Summer Reading

Spiritually, I have been much in prayer, and working hard to thinking only about that which is true, right, noble, etc., etc. This has made excited to read (embellished) non-fiction, namely Roughing It by Mark Twain. But what is summer without Jane Austen? Watching Pride and Prejudice with Persnicketta reminded me how much I always enjoy Jane, and with all thanks to my most literate relative, Historica, I have all of her novels. Today I began Sense and Sensibility. The books are cake. The cinematic adaptations are the icing on top. To put it another way, the books are hot mocha and the films are whipped cream, highly unnecessary but a delicious and extravagant indulgence. I hope to persuade Persnicketta to watch Persuasion with me soon. Maybe I will read that book instead. I'm torn and conflicted. I'd better take a trip to Bath and set myself at rights.

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