viernes, septiembre 06, 2013

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a blessing. It started on Friday night with an outdoor screening of a 1940s film. Over 40 people were in attendance, all with popcorn and other movie essentials. One of my favorite parts was that I got to sit in between Mr. M and Persnicketta. (This is the same annual event where I first met the mysterious and ever-intriguing Persnicketta.) On Saturday morning, Mr. M and I went to the wedding of some friends of ours, which was also a reunion of friends we haven't seen for many moons. In the evening, I went to a birthday party for a friend of mine, and the entire group went back to her house for homemade desserts after dinner. Sunday morning was church, with a really good lunch following. A good friend joined us for our BBQ lunch. After a short time at home, we headed back to church for the evening service. Since it was a long weekend, we invited a few friends over for pizza and a movie after. It was truly a blessing to spend so much time with friends who believe, as I do, that the Bible is the only source of joy, hope, and truth.

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