martes, noviembre 05, 2013

Investing In Others

Meaning, meaning, where is the meaning in life? Was Solomon right when he said there is no meaning in life, and all is just vanity? Johnathan Edwards, John Piper, Frank Sinatra, Queen Latifa, Jon Bon Jovi, and Gloria Estefan, just to name a few, have all extolled the virtues of making the most out of your life. I agree with them. I don't want to live a meaningless life; so how do I avoid it? My one word answer is relationships. Everything meaningful seems to come from relationships. The first and foremost relationship that has given me life is that with my Creator and the Author of my faith. Aside from that are family and friend relationships. This is how I choose to invest my time-investing in relationships . . . learning and teaching, encouraging and being encouraged, laughing and making others laugh, crying and letting others cry on my shoulder, praying for others and asking for prayer. I am glad to have this blog and use it as a means to encourage others and make them laugh and make them think and most importantly, to point people to Christ.

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