viernes, noviembre 08, 2013

My Sister and My Cat

I spent the morning judging a local writing contest for kids. The theme for the contest was. "For Love of Animals." Most of the essays were sweet and cute, some were funny, and one was disturbing. The one that was disturbing was written by a high school student who compared her sister to her cat. It was the author's opinion that these two were equal. I can only hope that my sister doesn't feel the same way. It's not that I hate cats; it's that I love sisters (and other humans) and consider them to be more important than cats or other animals. Genesis tells us that it is mankind-parents, brothers, sisters, and even grumpy old Uncle Al who snored (loudly) through the entire wedding ceremony-that is made in the image of God. I had a cat growing up, and I loved my cat. But my cat never cared about my grades, and never instilled in me any virtues. Now, I have a dog. I love my dog. Still, my dog forgot my birthday. I suppose you could argue that Rufus forgot my birthday because he doesn't have a calendar, but I say it's because he's a dog. It seems to me that more and more people are forgetting simple facts-that people are people, and animals are animals. Treating the two equally has major negative consequences. I was raised in a home where one of my parents had no qualms about giving my lunch to the family dog. Even a child knows that that is totally wrong. Even a child knows that people are more important than animals and ought to be treated so. It is nothing less than a travesty to treat people like animals, and animals like people.

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Shaye walsh dijo...

Hey, I wanted to ask you a question about the dog. Would you me able to email me? Thanks.