miércoles, diciembre 11, 2013

Early Pioneers of The West and Pioneers of Technology, Etc.

As I read about the pioneers and early settlers of America, I realize what lives of luxury we lead. They did all the hard work of breaking the soil and taming the land, making something out of nothing. I wonder what's left for me to do, what kind of legacy can I leave for my family and my country? It seems that I can only have influence on my own generation, which is fine. But by keeping a blog, I can speak to the future. Through diaries and blogs, despite what the Pirates of The Caribbean says, dead men do tell tales. Maybe future generations will look back wistfully on the 21st century and think of it as the last time when people stopped talking to each other . . . or maybe the digital revolution will die and people will all go back to growing and raising food on their own land. I wonder if the pioneers ever thought that there would be a time in the future when people could just drive around the outside of a building and get a hamburger. What would they think of our going to the gym and paying to exercise when they got all the exercise they could handle by planting fields and milking cows and building barns?

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