lunes, febrero 03, 2014

Expectant Faith For February

I read of a woman, I'll call her Sam, who was sick continually. Every day for 12 years, she was sick. She spent all her time and money going to the best doctors and specialists, but none could offer her any help or hope. One day, she heard that Jesus the Son of God would be in town, so she made plans to go see Him. She'd heard of miracles and healings He'd done for other people, so she determined to see what He could do for her. She just knew He'd be able to do something. When the day came, she got into the crowd surrounding Him, and she pushed and shoved her way through all the people until she was finally close enough to touch Him. I don't know if she grabbed at His clothes on purpose, or if she accidentally touched the hem of His clothes in the chaos of the crowd, but that is rather insignificant in light of the result of the touch; the sickness that had pained her for 12 years was gone instantly. Her faith had healed her. She had tried all the medical remedies given to her, but she knew in her heart that if she could just get close enough to Jesus to touch His robe, something amazing would happen. I don't know if she expected a total and instantaneous healing, but she obviously expected something, something worth pushing and shoving her way through a crowd to get to. Do I have this kind of faith? When I pray, do I expect an answer? Do I expect great things from God? Am I eager to pray and see what God will do? I need to be. We all need to be. We need to be faithful and expectant in prayer. The Bible tells us to have faith like a child. Children think bug people can make anything happen. Do we believe that about God. He really can make anything happen. Do we pray and live believing that? Are we willing to say, "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do!"? Children in Sunday School have no problem standing up and singing that truth at the top of their voices.

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