miércoles, octubre 29, 2014

Generational Blessings of Family

I used to be a substitute bilingual teacher's aid.  I had one job at one school in one classroom that lasted for several months.  It was hard, and I didn't like it; but there was a bright spot to it.  There were these three kids-Johnny, Kara, and Emory-that made me smile every day.  All three of these kids were amazingly smart and funny and witty.  They could all converse with me, their teacher, as well and as comfortably as they could converse with any of the other 4th graders.  They were all three members of a religion that is known for the priority placed on family matters.  So it made sense that I could talk to them like adults, even discussing theology.  These kids were a breath of fresh air in a tedious workday.  They were a pleasure.  Though I disagree with their doctrine and theology, I respect their lifestyle; in fact, I would like to see more of family-oriented thinking in Christianity.  I would like to see more intergenerational comraderie.  Kids can learn a ton from spending time with older kids, siblings, parents and grandparents.  Let's not deprive our kids-and ourselves-the joy of time spent with other generations.

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