lunes, octubre 13, 2014

God's Mysterious Use of Martyrdom

When you undertake a project, you probably figure the very least requirement to get it done is to be alive.  It is completely illogical to think you can get the job done just as well if you are dead.  So of course you think you must be alive to minister to the church and spread the Gospel.  Funny thing, though, that just isn't true.  The Church is built on the blood of the martyrs.  Hebrews 11 speaks of martyrs, all of history is full of Christian martyrs, and people are now-today-being killed for their faith in the Son of God . . . and the church is growing.  In fact, there is a pattern of church growth following persecution.  How this happens is beyond me.  "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain."  (Ps. 139.)  God's saving work is out of our hands.  His word goes forth and does not return in vain.  (Is. 55:11.)   God can and will use all circumstances to build His church.

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