lunes, noviembre 10, 2014

Special Moments

Today, I had a brief existential crisis; I wondered if I should pursue fame and fortune, or if I should just content myself with making the people in my little world happier.  My friend, Persnicketta, helped me conclude that it is enough for me, and it is my preference, to give of myself and invest my energies into those I know and love.  I was reminded of a special moment when I made my mom laugh.  She and I shared a lot of moments like that, and it is the memory of those special moments that comfort me when I miss her.  I made my mom laugh and forget her troubles, and if that were the only good thing I ever did, it would be enough.  With that in mind, I would much prefer to make my friends and family laugh than to acquire fame and fortune.  Making friends smile is one reason I decided to publish this book :

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