jueves, diciembre 18, 2014

Uncomfortable Changes, Unchanging God.

I like to understand things.  Like a toddler, I want to know why.  Why, why, why?  I don't like change, but I can easily accept it if there is a logical reason for it.  There have been some changes in my life recently (there always are), changes that have no logical reason behind their very existence.  Like all questions and struggles and curve balls in our lives, this is a matter of prayer for me.  I need to be OK with these changes.  I need to be OK with not knowing why.  I need to stop questioning the changes, and instead be still and trust God.  Psalm 46 tells us that everything in on the earth-our families, friends, jobs, homes, heath, absolutely everything but God changes; even the earth itself changes.  Only God will never change.  The very last line of Psalm 46 tells us that, in the midst of these uncomfortable and sometimes unreasonable changes, our unchanging God remains our stronghold.

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