viernes, abril 17, 2015

Aesthetic Aspirations at Home.

I am sitting on the sectional sofa in my back yard, exuberantly enjoying my flora and fauna.  I have a big pink rosebush, a cheery Japanese crabapple tree, numerous aloe vera, and 6 huge cactus plants so big that they can easily be seen from space.  All that is surrounded by an ivy-covered brick wall.  I am happy to the utmost in my garden.  This is my special place to bring order to chaos, the place where I can reverse the effects of the fall.  My soul is at rest in my yard.  My little piece of land wasn't nearly so nice a decade ago.  Chaos reigned, and there was no order.  After my mom, who had, incidentally, been extremely proud of her back yard, died, I found it necessary to throw myself whole-heartedly into some all-consuming project.  The back yard became my project.   Now,  it is my baby.  It is a little-known fact about Karfoodgians that we take great pride in our yards.  Battles have been fought over foliage in our home turf.   We also love the interiors of our homes--just not with the same passionate zeal.  I remember getting new carpet when I was in elementary school.  I was so excited that I threw my wiry little self on the new carpet and just rolled around.  Mr. M and I are in the process of choosing new carpet, now.  While I am excited, I don't think I'll be rolling around on it this time.  I can see so much of my mom in me.  While she had a deck built to give her easier access to her yard, I had a covered patio built so I can enjoy mine in greater comfort.  My mom had a summer reading room added to our house.  By covering the patio and putting a comfy outdoor couch out there, I created a little outdoor room of my own.  We Karfoodgians do desire and delight in delectable surroundings;  it is our perpetual pursuit.

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