lunes, abril 20, 2015

Walls and Boundaries in Homes and Relationships

Mr. M and I like to travel, and that usually involves staying in a motel for a night or two.  That is fine . . . a night or two.  There's no way we could comfortably live in a motel room.  We like walls and doors.  We need them to keep us sane.  I go to bed earlier than Mr. M, so I always cover my eyes with a sock so that I can fall asleep with the computer screen or the TV flickering.  (This has become affectionately known as the eye-sock.)  As much as I love Mr. M, I'm very glad for the walls and doors in our house that allow me to fall asleep peacefully while he watches TV or works on the computer.  This need for walls, or boundaries, can be seen in other relationships, too.  We all need some room (physical and emotional) that's just for us.  We all need space and we need to give our friends space, too.  That doesn't mean we never share our physical and emotional space, but we need to allow for some alone time.  Eye-socks are only temporary fixes; we need some permanent walls for lasting, peaceful relationships.

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