lunes, junio 22, 2015

Terry's Hope, written in college in 1995.

Terry is a simple girl with a great faith.  In her early teens, Terry is a lovely girl with long, dark hair and a heart (so it seems) as big as the open country.  Terry loves to read of early pioneers, and often wished she, like the characters in the books she reads, lived in a simpler and more innocent age.  Her favorite place to be is on the plain, bare, and dusty hills of the desert.  In these times, she will imagine she's Laura Ingalls, an early western settler, or Christy Huddleston, an early missionary to the Ozarks and Terry's favorite book-character.  In standing on a hill where land and sky can be seen for miles around, Terry often faces the horizon and wonders where her Promised Land lay.  She longs in her heart for that better country, and does not wish to return to the fast-paced city that awaits.  (Heb. 11:16.)

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