lunes, agosto 10, 2015

Keeping Up Appearances

I've been thinking about appearances lately . . . appearances and idolatry.  In my blog, I go out of my way to appear to be an average Jane.  I want to show the world (or whoever reads my blog), "Hey, look at me!  I'm a Christian, and I'm just like you!"  While that is mostly true, it isn't the full truth.  I've been saved by grace, so my citizenship is in Heaven.  As the annoyingly popular bumper sticker says, (the Bible said it first), I am "Not of This World."  Sometimes, in a well-intentioned attempt to show my unbelieving friends and family that I am just like them, I forget that my identity is in Christ.  I am a new creation in Him.  I get too friendly with the world, too comfortable here.  On the other hand, I sometimes swing too far in the other direction, trying to hide my problems and pretend that I don't have any.  I am subconsciously saying to unbelievers, "I am nothing like you."  That is not true, either.  Both extremes are false and unnecessary attempts to try and appear to be something I am not. I have a feeling I am not the only Christian to either exaggerate my problems, or to go the opposite route and pretend like I don't have any.  It is only out of the fear of man that we pretend our lives are not what they appear.  Do we think God needs us to do PR for Him?  Christianity is what it is, and God calls who He will, regardless of us.  The world needs fewer lies and false appearances, and more truth.

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