martes, septiembre 22, 2015

American Excess

We are an indulgent society.  We (and mostly I mean me) get easily bored and want to move on to the next thing.  I get tired of silly novels, so I get in my car and go to the bookstore to buy a good biography.  I see an ad for some new toothpaste that will make my teeth strong and white and amazing, so I run to the store to buy it, ignoring all the toothpaste that's already in my cupboard.  Mr. M and I have friends who are beyond middle age and are unhappily single because they are constantly on the lookout to see if someone better might be out there.  I think we approach relationships the way we approach toothpaste-we won't settle for anything but the latest and greatest, even when we already have perfectly good toothpaste at home . . . or, in the case of people, at church or at the neighborhood grocery store, or wherever it is you go to find someone nice.  We have forgotten how to be content with the less-than-perfect; in books, in toothpaste, and in people.

2 comentarios:

Marie dijo...

Agreed. We forget that we are that "less-than-perfect" person to someone else!

The White Wave dijo...

So true.