miércoles, enero 27, 2016

One Word to Summarize 20 Years of Marriage.

Gratitude.  I am so grateful for Mr. M.  I am grateful, too, for the practical, no-nonsense values my parents taught me.  They taught me the value of honesty and hard work.  Those are two things I find in Mr. M.  I'm grateful for Mr. M's steady character and Godliness.  I wasn't looking for a guy who'd bring me flowers for no reason, or who would spend the evening discussing theology with me; I just wanted a normal guy, one who worked hard and loved the Lord.  I was looking for a guy who would LIVE his theology-and that's exactly what Mr. M's been doing for the past 20 years; he's been loving me sacrificially.  Just 3 years into our marriage, he sat by me and held my hand as the neurologist told me I had a degenerative disease.  He still holds my hand when we walk, always supporting me-both physically and emotionally.  Mr. M watches out for my safety in a million different ways that I don't even know about.  He doesn't do it for glory or recognition-he keeps me safe because he loves me and because he made a vow before God to protect me.  God's given me a great blessing in Mr. M, and I am glad to have a whole day to celebrate my gratefulness.

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G-Ruth-A dijo...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, JAY AND JENNIFER! Thanks for your godly example.

The White Wave dijo...

Thank you so much!