jueves, marzo 03, 2016

Nautical Hope and a Nasty Neck

This was a week of forced rest.  I couldn't move my neck at all, so driving was out of the question, and even walking was a dangerous proposition.  So I stayed at home.  I prayed . . . a lot, and I read and I watched TV.  One day when my neck was especially painful, the passage of having faith built on solid ground came to mind.  The passage, Matt. 7: 24-27, talks about the storms that come in to all our lives, plus the streams that rise and the winds that beat at our doors.  If our house (our faith) is built on the solid rock (Jesus), then our house will not crumble; but if our house is built on sand (anything besides Jesus), then we will not withstand any storm or rain or wind that is inevitable in every life.
Hebrews tells us, in verse 19 of chapter 6, that our faith in the work of Jesus is an anchor of hope for the soul.  Whether the storm is a sore neck, a terminal illness or financial troubles, our faith in Jesus will hold us firm and secure.

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