miércoles, abril 06, 2016

Knowing the Times

Jesus told us to watch and pray.  Paul told us he didn't want us to be ignorant.  Common sense tells us that it is in our best interest to know about the things that are happening around us.  That is why I enjoy biographies and autobiographies.  I want to know about other people and to share in what they've learned through life.  I also like getting to know people through their words.  I like reading their thoughts and sharing in their experiences.  I am really enjoying this book, especially living near Hollywood, the epicenter of Scientology.  I also have many friends who share office space with a large number of Scientologists, so I want to know what the Scientologists believe and why.  I also find it so refreshing to recall the freedom I have in Christ.  When I read about how the Scientologists seek to ruin the lives of people who expose their lies and hypocrisy, it makes me so thankful for the true Church of God, which seeks to love and restore those who've strayed.

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