jueves, junio 16, 2016


I've read many times that the stories we hear and read become the fabric of our lives.  The stories of other people become part of our stories.  That's why I love reading biographies and autobiographies.  That's also why I love to listen to my friends' stories.  Those stories are a gift from God, living examples of His grace.  Through the stories of others, I gain valuable perspective and insight for my own life.  When I read about John Glass, (The Revenant by Michael Punke), who was mauled by a bear in the 1800s, my neck pain suddenly doesn't seem so bad.  When I visit with my friend and neighbor, I see firsthand what it looks like to live a Godly and productive life in the senior years.  I talk to a younger friend about the frustrations of waiting on family issues, and we liken my waiting to her waiting, which in her case is waiting for a baby and not knowing exactly when he or she will arrive, or how much attention he or she will need.  This book is about a woman with a disability, which I can relate to myself, and also the book helps me know how best to minister to families affected by disability.

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