jueves, julio 14, 2016

Summer Books

H.Y.O.H.-Hike Your Own Hike. That's what I'm doing. It's hiker lingo for "do your own thing" and "make your own rules." For me, it's "change the rules as you go along." I like rules. I really like rules. But at a certain point, I have to break even my own rules. One of my rules has always been to finish reading the books I start, no matter what. I try and treat books like people, regardless of how unpleasant they are, there surely must be some redeeming quality if you are patient and on the lookout. HOWEVER, I only have so much patience--and a limited time of reading hours left on my old eyes--, so I had to give up on my book about thru-hiking. It was bringin' me down, man. I ordered Gidget, and that will be getting here soon. So I will be spending the next day or two waiting for my new book.

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