jueves, agosto 04, 2016

Curtains, Liners, and Drapes . . . oh, my!

Well.  I had no clue how complicated curtains can be.  I have a house (not mine) with curtains that are way too long, so long that they are a trip hazard and need to be hemmed.  Now, there are three levels of difficulty with these curtains, and three of the curtains (the ones covering the windows) are in no hurry to be hemmed, but the curtains covering the sliding glass doors are on a pretty tight timeframe.  All need to be hemmed different lengths, ranging from just an inch or so, to over 3 feet.  The trickiest part is that the heavy curtains on one of the sliding glass doors is lined, which is problematic because, since the curtains all need to be washed (the previous owner's cat left a lot of hair on them), one part or the other (either the heavy curtain or the liner) may shrink, causing the whole curtain to come apart.  I suppose I will be having dreams (or nightmares) about curtains tonight.

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