martes, agosto 30, 2016

Entering Into Someone's Sufferings.

The Bible tells us to share in the sufferings of others.  (Hebrews 13:3.)  When we go through times of suffering and difficulty, that is the time when we most need to reach out to others and be sure and not withdraw into ourselves.  It is not only we who learn from our sufferings-others do, too . . . if we let them.  The mother of a disabled child learns to trust God and to lean wholly on Him.  When she invites a friend to spend some time with her and her child, that friend learns how to pray for both the mother and the child, and the friend sees with her eyes what longsuffering looks like in daily life. I am going through some new and very challenging times.  Many of my friends know all about it, and have prayed for me and given me good advise.  Some friends have spent time with me during the hardest of the hard times, and have been with me as I learned along the way.  My friends have consoled me when I've made a mistake, and have rejoiced with me when something went better than expected.  Sharing our sufferings will most certainly be beneficial to us as we receive help in all forms, but inviting others into our sufferings will be a blessing to them, too.

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