martes, septiembre 20, 2016

Follow That Dog!

The day was off to a usual start;
a morning walk and a song in my heart.
The dog was happy to get out,
happy to explore our newfound route.
All of a sudden,
things took a turn for the worse;
the morning seemed less like a blessing,
and more like a curse.
Without warning, the dog wriggled out of her harness,
and made a bee-line for home, with no regard
for nearness or farness.
I panicked, to say the least;
there was unspoken of speed in that
skinny little beast.
A motorcycle gang was riding by, so I jumped on the back of a woman's hog,
and frantically yelled, "Follow that dog!"
She took me as far as she could,
and I jumped off to run through the 'hood.
I ran and I ran, praying all the while,
that that dog would be home, waiting with a smile.
I got to the owner's home,
in a haze and a fog.
I've never been so happy
to see a dumb little dog.

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