miércoles, octubre 12, 2016

Answered Prayer.

Sitting in my darkly lit room after a long day filled with anxiety, I pray for answers. I just want to be allowed to get a peek at the path that lies in my future. I want to know what comes next. Instead of allowing me a peek into the future, God reminds me of two virtues that I need to ask for and to cultivate: laughter and hope. I am reminded first of the wise woman of Proverbs 30 who, verse 25 says, can laugh at the future because she is prepared for whatever it may hold for her. I know I have done my best to prepare for all likely scenarios that may be in my future. I also think of Job 13:15, "Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him." In my current circumstances, I read, "Though He adds an element of chaos into my life and I can't see the way forward, yet I will hope in Him." So, instead of an easy answer, God shows me that I must seek and cultivate laughter and hope; both pleasant and enjoyable things, but not things that come naturally to an anxious heart.

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