jueves, octubre 06, 2016

It's The Little Things

It's not even 11 am, but it has already been a good day.  First, I took Renee for a walk.  We met a really nice young mother who was taking her little boy out for his first walk.  She was really sweet, and he was really cute.  He was so cute, in fact, that he won over Renee, and she let him pet her repeatedly.  I was shocked!  It was a major breakthrough!  On the way home, I was chatting with one neighbor, and met a neighbor-to-be.  Then, I went home and sat relaxing in the shade of the front porch reading a good book about a boy with Autism.  As I sat reading, I heard another neighbor cleaning her yard, so I went to say "Hi."  (Being in such a good mood, what I actually said, in an Irish accent, was, "Top o' the mornin' to ya", and did a short Irish jig.)  She invited me, and another neighbor who was heading out to the gym over for apple pie later.  Of course, I probably wouldn't be writing any of this if I hadn't run into a friend from church yesterday who was complimenting me on writing often on my blog.  So the point is that that sweet mother who let her little boy pet Renee will probably never know what a huge role she and her son played in this major breakthrough of Renee's, and my friend may not be aware that her encouragement was the nudge it took to get me to write about the blessings of this morning.  We just never know how one small word or gesture on our part is going to affect someone else, maybe turning their whole day around.

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