miércoles, octubre 26, 2016

The Lake of Loneliness

This lake is beautiful to those who live, work, and play here.  However, this lake is scary and desolate to those whose hearts are not here.  I dared to take someone out of their own lake and try to transplant them into my lake.  Soon after setting up her underwater home, she began to notice that she had few friends in the lake.  She began to drown . . . by which I mean to say, she began to float, for all who live in the lakes breathe water.  I am in the process of trying to weigh her down to keep her from floating to the surface and drowning in the air.  I have given her at least 6 weighted belts.  I've tried showing her the delights of our little lake.  Still, she begins daily to float to the top.  I must keep combing my brain for new ideas to keep her content in this lake, and I've asked my fellow lake dwellers to help me.

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