domingo, febrero 26, 2017

The Mythical Typical Church Lady

Many of us will be familiar with Dana Carey's portrayal of the Church Lady character from Saturday Nite Live.  Even if you've never seen it or heard of it, I think we all are familiar with the idea of a typical church lady.  She is boring, hum-drum, and she is anything but fun . . . thing is, this is a mythological creature, a fabrication of society.  If you believe this myth, you need to talk to and get to know some "typical church ladies."  I've never met one in my 25 years of church attendance.  I talk to a lot of ladies at church, and I've met ladies who've grown up in the circus, ladies who go to space camp, world travelers, reggae singers, and more.  Do yourself a favor and really get to know the typical-looking people at your church; you'll be surprised.

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