martes, mayo 09, 2017

My Life as a Quilt

Life is like a quilt-one big thing made of lots of different shapes and kinds of materials.  Sometimes in life-in MY life, anyway, the things I experience, like a great piece of material, is just too good to not include it in my quilt.  Tonight was one of those times:  an experience too rich to not include it in the grand story of my life.  As I often do, I went to a church-wide ladies prayer meeting.  As I am at all ladies events, I was ready for anything.  I have been to these events and met at them women who sew decorative little teddy bear glasses and cute little baby spoons on their shirts.  (That is why, before I left, Mr. M warned me not to let any of those ladies sew spoons onto my shirt.)  So I went prepared for anything . . . almost anything.  As the speaker was speaking, she made her way around the room to hug everyone.  By an act of God's gracious mercy and providence, I was in the back of the room in a corner due to my having come late.  I was so glad.  All I could think was, "Don't hug me.  Don't hug me.  DO NOT hug me."  She didn't hug me.  Now, I knew I wasn't a touchy-feely person before tonight, but this was far over and above touchy-feely; this was just WEIRD.  I just don't do hugs much.  I double don't do hugs with people I don't know.  My friend (a good friend who I hug often) was supposed to be at the meeting, but she wasn't.  I'm glad, because if she had been there during the hugging, I know we would've accidentally exchanged glances, and the awkwardness of it all would have made me laugh uncontrollably.

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