martes, julio 18, 2017

Accidental Art is Better.

This morning, I emptied out some frozen berries onto a paper towel to have for lunch. The result is now hanging in a nice purple frame in my office. Since that accident turned out so well, I thought I'd try doing it on purpose to display. So I put some frozen fruit on a decorative invitation-thanks, Eric and Esther!-and let it thaw. The result was more than disappointing; if you want to see it, it will be in our living room by the piano, on top of our wedding album. (I can't take a picture of it now because it is lying face down in the sun, drying.) Anyhow, I thought my practical thing that actually turned out to be pretty cool would be a good way to have your kids-or you!-beat the doldrums and boredom of summer days. All you need is frozen berries and a paper towel.

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