jueves, mayo 19, 2011

Something You Wouldn't Want to Lose.

This was the topic for our daily journal entries for English class one day. As a clever (if I do say so myself), and somewhat smart$@! 9th grader, I thought my answer was pretty good. I wrote that I wouldn't want to lose my future. "I want to be successful in life, and even if I'm not, I want the opportunity to try." We turned in our journals, and the teacher drew a big question mark next to this entry. My response was to write over the question mark, "Duh! If you can't understand this, than maybe you shouldn't be an English teacher." I think I would've really liked my younger self if I met her today.

Just so you know, I grew up in a pretty liberal house, with pretty lenient parents. It is just now dawning on me that not all kids grew up thinking like me or talking like me. Especially the talking part.

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When a Picture Just Isn't Enough dijo...

If we had been friends in high school (beyond that wonderful, fateful meeting which you are now remembering), I would have loved you just as much then as I do now, and I would have laughed hysterically over the comment. And if one of my children were to write the same comment to one of their teachers...trouble would reign down upon them. :-P

The White Wave dijo...

As it should.

Jini Keasling dijo...

Thnx for this. Jenn was such a sweet, dear friend and I'm always elated at the thought of our heavenly home. I'm truly eager to get there, not only to join our sweet friend but to have the perfect body able to worship my Savior w/o stain!