lunes, junio 13, 2011

Friends, Love, and Parking Lots

Some of my friends are coming over tonight. That makes me feel so loved and cared for. To the friends who couldn't come, I don't mean to make them feel guilty, and to the friends who plan to come but may have to cancel at the last minute, I don't want to make them feel guilty either, but if no one shows, I will be crying in my Tom Yung Guy (Thai) soup. Friends coming over is such a special event to me, a way to show you care. There are a lot of ways to show care and concern for your friends. I was reflecting this morning on ways I show my love to my friends, and the ways my friends have shown love to me. One important way others show love to me is to take an interest in those things that interest me, i.e. my blog. So I thank you so, so much for reading this, and I do hope I make you feel as appreciated as you do me.

2 comentarios:

Pensador dijo...

I love you Jennifer

The White Wave dijo...

Thanks. Back at 'ya, kid!