martes, junio 07, 2011

Pink Unicorns and Pastrami

I have had a mild case of writers' block for the past week, and I have had complaints from faithful readers (actually only one) about my woefully underdated blog. So I asked for a subject that I would then happily write about. My friend asked me to write about pink unicorns. From my vast stores of useless knowledge, I did recall an article that said that unicorns are particularly fond of pastrami--especially the pink ones. (It's all the pastrami that makes them pink.)

The thing about taking suggestions is that you end up doing something (or writing about something) that you don't really want to. The thing about doing something you don't want to do and aren't used to doing is that you are stretched and challenged, and you learn something about yourself. I didn't know I would be able to write even a sentence about pink unicorns, and here I was able to write three. My point is this: don't limit yourself. Try something new. You might surprise you.

4 comentarios:

clyde dijo...

I was thought it was the cotton candy.

The White Wave dijo...

You'd think. I was surprised, too.

Pensador dijo...

The inspiration:

my mind is blown

Ebeth dijo...

When I got through my writer's block, I hit a technological block which has had the same effect as writer's block did