jueves, julio 14, 2011

Some Thoughts On Abortion.

I am pro-life. That doesn't exactly mean that I reject the idea that a woman has the right to choose; I would just add to the statement, a woman has the right to choose not to have sex if she doesn't want to have a baby. I resent the implication that a woman can't control her sexual desires, equating humans to animals. I suppose I would be OK with abortion if I were OK with evolution . . . but I'm not. I believe in the Biblical account of a 7-day creation. I believe that God created each of us, and gave us all the ability to make informed and intelligent choices. We all have the choice to obey God, or to obey our own desires. When we choose to neglect God and obey our own desires, there are always consequences. No one would be put into the position of having to choose to murder their child or let it live if they first chose to deny their immediate fleshly desires.
Ironically, those in the pro-choice camp are not, in reality, pro-choice at all. Their arguments insinuate that women have no choice at all when it comes to sex. That is entirely false, with the exception of rape.
In today's lingo, I am pro-life. More accurately, though, I am pro-choice. I am all for making the right choice.

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