martes, julio 12, 2011

Friendship, One Aspect

Friendship is, as you can probably see from my blog, is very important to me; always has been. Since my infancy, my mom has always shown me the importance of friends as she brought me along whenever she went to visit friends. Therefore, I am always interested in the dynamics of friendships. Since homosexuality is now considered cool and normal by so many, I am all the more thankful that I've done a good bit of reading on, and thinking about, friendships. Pastor John Piper said that the best way to minister to those struggling with homosexuality is to model healthy, same sex, friendships.

A thought I've had is that a true friend of the same sex will care about me enough to do nothing to jeopardize my marriage. A true friend will value what I value (my marriage) and respect the boundaries I have set for myself. (More accurately, the boundaries God has set for me.) If anyone tries to entice me to overstep those boundaries, or to bring discord into my home in any way, I know that person is no friend.

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