lunes, julio 04, 2011

Perfect Summer Fiction,Updated

Dog On It is the book I am currently enjoying. It is a fast and light read. The book is narrated by a dog, Chet. Chet and his owner, Bernie, run a private investigation company specializing in missing persons. Three days into the book, and I'm on page 146. (Part of those three days consisted of a 5-hour flight, but still . . . the book is a real page turner. Highly readable, a book description I never really understood, because what else do you do with a book? I suppose it would make a good step stool, too, but I would suggest reading it.) The author is Stephen Quinn, I think. You obviously have a computer, so you can double check if you wish.

Happy 4th of June. July.

I recently bought the 2nd book in the Chet and Bernie detective series by Spencer Quinn. The title is Thereby Hangs a Tail. The trip to the bookstore was, as usual, inspirational. There was a book about a father and daughter and books. This brought to my mind a cherished family tradition, the passing on of books. Many books that I have read have gone to my dad once I was finished, and then to my sister once my dad is done with it. Sometimes my dad is the originator of this trickle-down effect, and sometimes it is my sister.

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