sábado, julio 02, 2011

Three Words I've Never Heard

I like to read, and I read a lot. I also listen to news once in a while. I often hear about legalizing things-gay marriage, abortion, etc., and I hear about trying to make those things illegal. But one thing I never hear is illegalize. Seems to me that that particular word should be made legal, or legalized.
I think we've all heard of disgruntled employees. I've never heard of a gruntled employee. Is no one happy with their job?!?
I have often been discombobulated. I have also been combobulated, but I've never heard of anyone else being combobulated. I don't know if we are a discombobulated society who never can combobulate ourselves? I guess I may never know.

2 comentarios:

Pensador dijo...

The gruntled folks of yore illegalized combobulation centuries ago... they had peccable reasoning for it, I'm sure.

David Cho dijo...

A very good point! You don't hear about a ruse raveling either. They always "unravel," but they don't ravel which according my dictionary has the same meaning as unravel. Yeah, unravel = ravel, just like flammable = inflammable.

(Another serious comment. I AM ON A ROLL HERE!)